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Events FAQ

  • Where can I find Event Location information?

    For maps and directions to all HR Network Groups please visit our event locations.
  • How many events are held throughout the year?

    We hold 5 events annually in Sydney CBD & Melbourne, 4 events annually in Brisbane & Macquarie Park, 3 events annually in Parramatta, and for the very first time in 2019 4 events in Adelaide, totalling 25 events for the year.
  • What if I cannot attend every event?

    You do not have to attend every event for the year however we do not offer refunds for any missed events. If you are unable to attend an event a representative may attend on your behalf. Please advise at the time of RSVP’ing for an event.
  • What is the capacity for each event?

    Each event location can hold anywhere from 50 - 120 people comfortably. Please check with your local event manager if you have any enquiries regarding availability.
  • What if an event is full and I wish to attend?

    Events will be run on a first in, first served basis. We will always strive to accommodate all members wishing to attend a specific event, however in some cases this may not be possible. We also ensure our member numbers are manageable to prevent the chance of this happening. We encourage existing annual members to login, visit the My Account page of the website and RSVP for events as soon as they are notified to prevent any disappointment.

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